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Sustainability, livability, etc.

Arlington’s Chester W. Ditto Golf Course by Grace Darling

Excerpt from the February, 2017 Arlington Conservation Council Post Oak Newsletter page 12, see We were too late to the party, they said.  The course makeover was in the works for many years and city officials had held multiple discussions about it.  We should have paid attention, they said.  We should have realized that…
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MLB Green by Grace Darling

Baseball is a social institution with social responsibilities, and caring for the environment is inextricably linked to all aspects of the game.  Sound environmental practices make sense in every way and protect our natural resources for future generations of baseball fans.  Neil Boland, VP Major League Baseball, November 2015 In 2005, Major League Baseball partnered…
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The War on Science and Mankind’s Future

Many of the battles fought by sustainability advocates are unfortunately against ignorance instead of ideology. This takes many forms, from climate change denial to lawn watering to changing a light bulb. Failure to understand science is obviously a problem but a bigger problem we face is failure to understand the concept of science. This may…
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Vegans, Flexatarians and Sustainability

My wife began a one month experiment with eating a vegan diet almost 2 years ago. As a native Texan, raised on an All-American diet, I naturally responded with a combination of horror and shock at the idea. Heck, I'm not only a native Texan, but my heritage is Czech. Since time immemorial, my people…
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