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Sustainability, livability, etc.

Vegans, Flexatarians and Sustainability

My wife began a one month experiment with eating a vegan diet almost 2 years ago. As a native Texan, raised on an All-American diet, I naturally responded with a combination of horror and shock at the idea. Heck, I'm not only a native Texan, but my heritage is Czech. Since time immemorial, my people…
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When I know the price of gas is too high.

The subject of gasoline price comes up frequently in everyday conversations and in the media, and it always seems to be in the context of its high cost. The discussions or exhortations generally rotate among themes of “who is to blame?” “remember when?” and “it is so high it is going to ruin the economy.”…
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Let the Climate Change War Begin

Although many forward thinking folks have been fighting the Climate Change War for years, it looks like it is about to get serious. We have finally reached the point where over half of our citizens realize that climate change is real and believe we need to do something about it. Of course this doesn't apply…
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Vacation can be so depressing

We just got back from a week in Portland, Oregon. Fantastic place. Columbia River Gorge with beautiful hiking and falls, a stunning coast, tasty food, yummy craft brew and lots of pie shops. How could anyone be depressed in a place like that? Two words. Bike culture. Portland has an amazing system of bike lanes…
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