Let the Climate Change War Begin

Although many forward thinking folks have been fighting the Climate Change War for years, it looks like it is about to get serious. We have finally reached the point where over half of our citizens realize that climate change is real and believe we need to do something about it. Of course this doesn't apply to Texas due to our War on Science, but it looks like the rest of the country is getting tired of paying for Texas' unsustainable strategy. The first really substantial salvo in the War is the EPA's Rules on CO2 emissions.

Although they are not finalized, it is estimated that the proposals will save US taxpayers $7 in healthcare costs for every $1 spent making changes to our power plants. Additionally, it will save upwards of 6000 lives a year. The estimated 230,000 jobs that will be lost in the coal industry will be replaced with 250,000 jobs in the clean energy industry. Add to this the enormous costs of dealing with the damages of climate change, estimated at $30 billion a year, there is no reasonable argument against the proposals.

That won't stop politicians and the fossil fuel industry from arguing and I am sure Texas will be spending millions of dollars fighting and losing legal battles like we have been doing for the last 10 years, but these proposals actually have a chance and that is why this is the beginning of the Climate Change War. There may be hope for the human race after all.

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