The War on Science and Mankind’s Future

Many of the battles fought by sustainability advocates are unfortunately against ignorance instead of ideology. This takes many forms, from climate change denial to lawn watering to changing a light bulb. Failure to understand science is obviously a problem but a bigger problem we face is failure to understand the concept of science.

This may sound strange but there are examples all around us. This morning I heard an interview with a legislative candidate in Dallas who clearly stated that he wanted creationism to be taught in science class. Although this is actually a poorly veiled ruse to establish a state sponsored religion, it has ramifications that go way beyond simple attempts by the Tea Party to rewrite the constitution. Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of science will find this farcical, but failing to acknowledge and fight against this War on Science is dangerous. The general public has a seemingly increasing inability to discriminate between science and religion, or to even understand the basics of the scientific process. So failing to address every aspect of this War on Science makes working towards a more sustainable planet increasingly difficult.

You don't have to march, protest or yell to help. Simply and politely explain the difference between science and religion when you find yourself with someone who doesn't understand. Keeping quiet implies agreement, and we can't afford it.

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