Vacation can be so depressing

We just got back from a week in Portland, Oregon. Fantastic place. Columbia River Gorge with beautiful hiking and falls, a stunning coast, tasty food, yummy craft brew and lots of pie shops. How could anyone be depressed in a place like that? Two words. Bike culture.

Portland has an amazing system of bike lanes and the associated accommodations for people to use them. And amazingly, the people do use them. We stumbled upon a bike ride in downtown with thousands of participants. The most surprising thing was they all rode their bikes to the event. I don't know if you have ever ridden your bike to downtown Arlington, but it is a terrifying experience. In Portland, it is a family friendly activity. You can ride safely anywhere in Portland.

Recently, I rode on a City of Arlington bike lane for the first time. I was almost giddy with excitement. Unfortunately the bike lane was only 1/4 mile of my 4 mile ride, but it is a start. There is no argument against biking as a form of transportation. Better for health, better for sustainability, better for happiness. Have you ever met a depressed cyclist? I mean one who's not in Arlington thinking about Portland.

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