Programmable Thermostat


Cost  $40

Savings  $180/year[1]

Installation time –  20 minute

Materials/Tools Needed –  Replacement thermostat, screwdriver, wire cutters/strippers, level, drill, 3/16” drill bit.

Maintenance –  None


         A programmable thermostat automatically adjusts the air conditioner and heater so that they run less when you are not at home or are sleeping.  The temperature is automatically returned to the desired setting when you are awake or returning home.




         Some thermostats have alternative wiring methods.  More information can be obtained at www.acctexas/  The simplest way to find the right thermostat is to take a photo or write down the number, color and labeling of the wires and take it to the hardware store with you.


1.    Turn off the power supply to the thermostat.

2.    Remove the old thermostat, including the wall plate.

3.    Label the wires on your system, noting where they were attached on the old thermostat, color, and letters.  Secure the wires (tie into a loop or tape them to the wall) to keep them from falling back into the wall.

4.    Install the new wall plate, if there is one.  You may need to drill new holes for the new model.

5.    Match each labeled wire with the same letter on the new thermostat terminal, and connect them per the manufacturer’s instructions.  Install batteries, if needed.

6.    Mount the unit to the wall plate.

7.    Restore power and program the new thermost..t as directed.